Healthy Strawberry Popsicles

Healthy strawberry popsicles are so easy to make, you won’t buy store bought again! All you need are 3 ingredients and popsicle molds!

These strawberry popsicles are vegan, dairy free, paleo and so simple to make!

Hand holding a single strawberry popsicle with a bite taken out of the top
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Why this recipe works

The best way to cool off in the summer is with an icy sweet treat! These homemade strawberry popsicles are the perfect creamy sweet dessert!

Made with strawberries, banana and dairy free yogurt, these vegan popsicles are perfect for an afternoon snack or to enjoy at a cookout!

Kid friendly and budget friendly, these are perfect to have on hand for everyday of the week! You can even customize these based on your family preferences and what you have in the herb garden!

Tray of strawberry popsicle and sliced strawberries


  • Frozen Strawberries – you could also use fresh when they are in season. I always have a bag of frozen strawberries on hand though!
  • Banana – this helps add creaminess to the pops and a bit of sweetness.
  • Dairy free yogurt – this makes the pops super creamy and delicious.
  • Maple Syrup (optional) – if you find your frozen strawberries were not sweet enough, add some maple syrup for sweetness.

How to make these healthy popsicles

Check out this step by step story on how to make dairy free strawberry popsicles.

Step 1: Start by crushing up the strawberries in the food processor or high speed blender.

Frozen whole strawberries in the food processor

Step 2: Add the banana and blend well. The mixture should get creamy at this point.

Bananas added to pulsed frozen strawberries in food processor

Step 3: Once the fruit is well incorporated, add the dairy free yogurt and blend well.

Yogurt added to the frozen strawberries and banana in food processor

Step 4: Taste the mixture. If you would like to increase the sweetness, add 1-2 tablespoons of maple syrup.

TIP: You can also add 1-2 scoops of collagen peptides – not vegan. This would be great if you are looking for ways to increase your protein intake or increase your children’s protein intake.

Spoon holding up the strawberry frozen yogurt mixture

Step 5: Pour the mixture into popsicle molds and place in the freezer to freeze at least 4 hours up to overnight.

Hand putting the popsicle handle in the strawberry yogurt mixture

Equipment you will need

  • You will need a food processor or a high speed blender to blend up the fruit mixture.
  • You will also need a popsicle mold. The one I have is quite small; we found it at the grocery store on a whim. I linked to the mold in my Amazon cart that I will be purchasing.

Top tips

Frozen yogurt pops tend to want to stick to the molds once frozen.

  • The best thing I have found is to let them sit out on the counter for 5 minutes before removing the popsicle from the mold.
  • If you need these even faster, run the molds under warm (not hot) water for a few seconds or dip them in warm water. This should help you remove them quickly as well.

Other flavors you can add

  • Fresh basil
  • Fresh mint
  • Lemon juice or lime juice
  • Almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower seed butter, tahini
  • Chocolate chips, coconut flakes, chopped nuts
  • Sliced fresh berries for texture
Hand holding a single strawberry popsicle

Can you use fresh or frozen strawberries?

Yes! I used frozen strawberries since they were the budget friendly option when choosing organic. However you can use fresh or frozen strawberries to make this recipe!

How to store homemade healthy popsicles

Once frozen, you can store the strawberry popsicles in a freezer safe bag in the freezer. Just make sure you put a small piece of wax paper between the frozen popsicles if you intend on stacking them on top of each other.

Hand holding popsicle over a tray of strawberries and popsicles


  • Strawberries: You can also use blueberries, raspberries, cherries or peaches in place of the strawberries. Fresh or frozen will work well here.
  • Banana: Banana adds sweetness and some body to the recipe. You can omit the banana completely but you will likely want to add some maple syrup or honey to help balance the flavor.
  • Dairy free yogurt: This helps make the popsicles creamy. You could also use coconut milk or coconut cream in place of the yogurt (about 1 cup) or nut butter of choice (about 1/4 cup).
  • Maple syrup: You could use date syrup (vegan) or honey (non-vegan) in place of the maple syrup.

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Hand holding 2 strawberry popsicles, one has bite taken

Strawberry Popsicles

$5.62 Total/$0.94 serving
Healthy Strawberry Popsicles are the perfect homemade snack! With no sugar added, these are perfect for kids or adults! Only 3 ingredients: strawberries, banana and dairy free yogurt! Vegan, dairy free, paleo and inexpensive to make!
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Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: frozen yogurt bars, fruit popsicles, strawberry popsicle
Prep Time: 5 minutes
freezing time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours 5 minutes
Servings: 6 servings

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  • 1 bag frozen strawberries (14 oz) - $2.99
  • 1 large banana - $0.33
  • 1 dairy free yogurt (I used Almond Milk based yogurt) - $1.99
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup (optional) - $0.31


  • Add the frozen strawberries to a food processor or high speed blender and blend on high until broken up (will not be smooth)
  • Add the banana to the food processor and blend. The mixture will get smooth at this point.
  • Add the dairy free yogurt and blend well to make sure it is well incorporated.
  • Taste the mixture, if needed add 1-2 tablespoons of maple syrup and blend well
  • Use a spoon to divide the mixture between the popsicle molds. If you have extra, store it in ice cube molds for smoothies.
  • Freeze for at least 4 hours until set.



1 pound of fresh strawberries, hulled (stems removed) can also be used in place of frozen strawberries.
Any dairy free yogurt can be used. I try to buy unsweetened plain for this recipe.
Tips on how to remove the popsicles after freezing:
  • The best thing I have found is to let them sit out on the counter for 5 minutes.
  • If you don’t have that kind of time, run the popsicles under warm (not hot) water for a few seconds. You can also dunk them into a bowl of warm water. 
Budget Tips: 
  • Use strawberries in season to reduce the cost of this recipe. The price in this recipe reflects organic frozen strawberries. 
  • Buy dairy free yogurt on sale to reduce the cost of this recipe. You can freeze dairy free yogurt to prolong how long you have it on hand. Freeze in the container it came in for up to 3 months. 

Nutrition Information

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  1. I would love to make these ASAP! But, the amount of the dairy-free yogurt is not mentioned. Is it an 8oz container?

  2. 4 stars
    I tried making this popsicle at home yesterday, and it turned out to be really delicious..
    Thank you so much for such a yummy way of making a vegan popsicle.
    Gonna save this and will share with others.
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