Chocolate Protein Popcorn

Chocolate Protein Popcorn, I muttered those words to Dave the other day, and instantly his eyes lit up. And honestly so did mine, as I was really hoping I didn’t have to “talk him into” trying this recipe with me.

This was a recipe where I was not sure how the end result would turn out, but I’m so glad I tried it.

Chocolate peanut butter coating freshly popped popcorn. Yeah we just went there!

Chocolate Popcorn spilling out onto a plate

Every year around the holidays, I overindulge in that unhealthy chocolate covered sweet popcorn like it is going out of style. It’s a once a year indulgence and I thoroughly enjoy it. But for some reason, I started craving chocolate popcorn the other day.

So I figured I’d try my own chocolate popcorn this time around. I knew I wanted to try the same chocolate coating I used on my Protein Puppy Chow, and I’m so glad it worked out well.

Chocolate Popcorn in a mason jar

I was worried that the coating would be too thick or that it wouldn’t have the right texture. I resolved that by sticking this in the freezer for a few minutes and viola, perfectly coated popcorn to enjoy!

I used regular natural peanut butter in this recipe, but you could also use the chocolate peanut butter recipe if you have it on hand! If you don’t it’s a really good excuse to make some, because it’s AMAZING on bananas and well just out of the jar honestly!

Chocolate Popcorn spilling out onto a plate
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Protein popcorn recipe tips

I like to make my own popcorn for this recipe. It’s a very simple process and it doesn’t take very long. This way I know exactly what’s in my food, no sketchy chemicals that you might find I the bagged stuff. Plus, popping it at home is such a fun experience, you get to shake the pot and annoy anyone around you – it’s really worth the effort.

As you will see, I make my own chocolate drizzle by combining coconut oil and protein powder. If you really want to take this popcorn to the next level. use this MRM Chocolate Mocha protein powder. The mocha protein powder is fantastic, it’s Dave’s favorite actually!

If you decide you don’t want to use protein powder, that’s ok, just use 3 tbs. of your favorite unsweetened cocoa powder or cacao powder and 2 -3 tbs. coconut sugar or 2-3 packets of stevia in it’s place.

Chocolate Popcorn - Gluten Free
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Chocolate Popcorn |

Chocolate Protein Popcorn

Chocolate peanut butter coating freshly popped popcorn. Protein packed and ah-mazing!
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Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: popcorn
Prep Time: 12 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 17 minutes
Servings: 4


  • ¼ cup white popcorn kernels
  • ½ tbs. coconut oil
  • ¼ cup peanuts - optional

Chocolate Protein Sauce


  • To make popcorn, preheat a large pot (that has a lid) over medium heat. After preheated, add coconut oil and allow it to melt. Add popcorn kernels, cover and shake to ensure all popcorn is covered with oil.
  • Let sit for 1-2 minutes, then shake and stay by the pan, continuing to shake the pan. You will hear the first kernel popping. Set a timer for 2 minutes.
  • Shake the pan for the entire two minutes, DON”T TOUCH THE LID!!
  • If you don’t hear any more popcorn kernels popping, take off heat, otherwise after 2 minutes is up, take this off the heat. Keep covered 1-2 more minutes.
  • All popcorn kernels should have popped.
  • Make the Chocolate Protein Sauce: In a bowl, melt 2 tbsp. coconut oil and peanut butter, either over double boiler or in the microwave. Add protein powder and stir to combine. Add chocolate chip or chocolate square. Allow this to melt into the chocolate sauce, stirring to incorporate.
  • Drizzle chocolate protein sauce over popcorn, and stir.
  • Add peanuts, stir again.
  • Place in freezer for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the chocolate protein coating should have hardened over the popcorn and you can enjoy the popcorn at room temperature. Store leftovers in the fridge.

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  1. 3 stars
    On the ingredients, it says 1/2 tbs. of coconut oil, and it says 2 tbs. Are the 2 tbs. used to cook the popcorn, or are they used in the sauce. And is the 1/2 tbs used in the other one.

  2. 5 stars
    I’m always reading recipes, and this is the best thing I’ve discovered in months. Thank you for posting it! I made it tonight and will probably eat the whole batch in a couple of days. But I’ll definitely make this again and again, to share with others. I made a couple of changes that don’t exactly enhance the nutritional value but please my palate: I doubled the oil, using a mixture of ghee and coconut oil; doubled the peanut butter, used a pinch of flaked sea salt, and also gave it a squirt of liquid sweetener (Allulose, derived from erythritol — it’s new). Finally, I tweaked the chocolate intensity by adding some cacao powder. It is a BEAUTIFUL snack. (All your recipes look wonderfully healthy and delicious and quite creative )

  3. This looks tasty and great. Thanks for linking up with us at Funtastic Friday. Hope you can make it again this week.

  4. I am featuring you this week at my Party!! Love, Love, Love this!! Thanks for linking up on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday!! Hope you come back this Thursday and share some more!! I love having you! Pinned!

  5. Protein powder with popcorn – interesting! I loveee flavored popcorn and eat the holiday popcorn tin every year too. Caramel popcorn is my favorite! And now I’m craving popcorn…

  6. um, yes. This is the second protein popcorn recipe I’ve seen, which means I must make it. Along with the protein puppy chow?! Say What?! MAKING!!

  7. I made popcorn yesterday but it was just straight plain popcorn. If only I saw this earlier!

  8. OH GOOD GOD> Sam what are you trying to do to me! Chocolate and popcorn–2 of my favoritest things of all time. We need a girls night so that we can inhale this properly, yes?

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