The Best Oat Tortillas


Oat tortillas are so easy to make and are soft, pliable and perfect for tacos, as a wrap or even as gluten free naan. Add you favorite toppings for a simple, healthy meal.

Why you will love this recipe

Simple, easy to make

Delicious, healthy ingredients

Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free,


– Oats (or oat flour) – Water – Salt

Step 1

Add oats, water and salt to high speed blender. Blend on high 1 minute until smooth.


Step 2

Let batter rest at least 10 minutes to thicken. Should be like thin pancake mix when ready to use.


Step 3

Preheat a skillet over medium low heat. When ready to cook, turn heat closer to medium and add 1/3 cup of batter to oiled skillet.


Step 4

Spread out the batter into a thin layer and let the tortilla cook 2-4 minutes.


Step 5

When it's ready to flip, you will notice the top is starting to dry out and the tortilla feels cooked when you lift it with a spatula.


Step 6

Cook on the other side 2-4 minutes then flip at least 2 more times, cooking each side for 1-2 minutes to brown them up and cook the tortilla all the way through.


Step 7

Serve as a tortilla, a wrap, or gluten free naan.


– Italian – Mediterranean – Sundried tomato – Spinach – Cinnamon sugar – Spicy

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